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The MTT Tablet is hardened, bouncy on all six sides and waterproof (IP67). It allows you to view data, use applications or manipulate media files anywhere.

It works under Androïd 4.0.4 with a simple update available on our site.

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Shockproof waterproof shelf

The MTT waterproof tablet works with the most stable, fastest Android 2.3 system of all for professional use. The tablet can take advantage of an update, available for download on our website, to integrate the more recent version of Android 4.0.4.

The shockproof tablet displays a 16 / 9th 7-inch screen, which guarantees you a very comfortable use and reading.
The MTT Tablet has exceptional waterproofing and impact resistance properties. It is an Internet navigation tool that best meets the needs of all those who must exchange and consult web data anywhere and in all circumstances.

A total and unprecedented seal for a multimedia tablet!

The MTT tablet complies with the IP 67 standard, which represents a very high certification in the waterproofing of electronic products. Water no longer becomes a problem for the MTT tablet
The MTT shockproof tablet is completely waterproof and dustproof, it can be immersed for several tens of minutes without any malfunction.

Property dear to MTT mobiles, it is the excellent means of navigation for those who work outdoors to consult the web in difficult weather conditions. The MTT waterproof tablet is suitable for extreme sports and outdoor trades in very dirty areas.


The most resistant touchscreen tablet on the market!

The design of the MTT shockproof tablet offers exceptional impact resistance in the field of multimedia touch tablets. it is bouncy on its 6 sides, the MTT Tablet easily accepts falls from a height of one meter, regardless of the side that hits the ground.

The rubber reinforcements absorb all shocks, and its reinforced screen is waterproof and resists all everyday attacks.

Stay connected under all conditions!

Using hundreds of thousands of applications available by the Android operating system, sending and receiving emails or even exchanging data can now be done outdoors, in all weathers and all circumstances with this powerful tablet.

The MTT waterproof touchscreen tablet allows you to make possible all the uses that can be done in the office in peace, this rendering is possible outdoors. This will make you more available in addition to going where you want, it's like moving around with your desk.

Camera, camera and on-board webcam!

Because the Internet is the most common means of communication today, the MTT Tablet has two cameras, allowing you to use your tablet as well as a classic 5 Mpx camera and a webcam.

The MTTTablette takes very good quality, very professional photos.

Multimedia in the broad sense

The MTT Shockproof Tablet is a superb multimedia tool and also a great way to browse the internet. This tablet is equipped with many features that allow you to easily consult all types of sound, image and video files.

Equipped with two 0.5 Watt speakers. you can listen to music, see movies with exceptional sound. It has a very powerful player which allows you to consult, sort and share images, and play 800x480px videos.

The MTT multimedia tablet comes with a set of headphones.

For navigation: an integrated GPS

The MTT waterproof tablet has a high-performance GPS navigation system that is versatile and meets the requirements of those who are outdoors.

The MTT shockproof tablet has a large screen, to find your way around and choose particularly difficult routes, you will always get your way more easily.

Thought for an excellent grip!

The MTT tablet is used with one of the two hands completely free while being perfectly stable. It also has a retaining strap on the back, which is adjustable in length for a perfect adaptation to all hand sizes.

This tablet offers maximum ergonomics during internet surfing sessions and it allows keyboard input with absolute comfort.

One screw thread for fixing to a support!

You can use your MTT tablet as a POS object, do you want to film continuously or free both hands to browse the internet? It's entirely possible.

The MTT waterproof tablet has a screw thread on the bottom face allowing it to be quickly and easily attached to many tripod mounts to standard cameras.

Compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi technology!

The MTT Tablet is a communication tool that must offer all existing solutions for communication and exchange data, whether for the Internet or directly between compatible devices.

The MTT shockproof tablet is compatible with bluetooth and Wifi technology, it simplifies all data exchanges.

Universal connectivity and expandable memory!

The Tablet is equipped with a micro-SD card reader and a USB 2.0 connection to be used for data transfers and to store all types of information.

The memory of the MTT shockproof waterproof tablet can be extended up to 32GB with the use of an optional micro-SD card.

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