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✅ Resistant, wear-resistant mobile phone
✅ Infrared remote control
✅ Starlight infrared night vision
✅ Intelligent dual intercom system
✅ Module RFID en option
✅ 0.3s fingerprint unlock
✅ 5.0 FHD
✅ Multifunction external interface
✅ F1.6 Large opening
✅ Batterie 6000mAh
✅ 3 year warranty (optional)
✅ After-sales service in France
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Durable, wear-resistant mobile phone

Faster and clearer

  • The large F1.6 aperture of the camera diaphragm ensures professional captures
  • Record scenes in higher quality
  • It has an 8-core 2.6 GHz processor; a RAM memory of 6 GB as well as 128 GB of ROM memory. The latter has undergone 019 update in order to suitably meet the user's needs.
  • A smart 2 watt device for communication

The device has an extremely precise dual-mode positioning system

It guarantees a two-function localization system such as the GPS + BDS Beidou (default) or GPS + GLONASS GLONASS, a plate and a signal sensor which are not of the same structure but synchronize perfectly. A web exploration system without any flaws or slowdowns and also you can relay your exact position even without an internet connection.

Hot start: <1 s
Cold start: <10 s
Recovery: <15

Dedicated charger

It works with polymer type battery with incredible capacity of 6000mAh

In order to ensure a fast charge of the device, the original 9V2A is recommended. Note the following when you plug in your device

6000 mAh

There are several attractive methods that can be used to power up the S8 such as USB Datacable, Magnetic Case and other charging methods.

  • Has good autonomy thanks to its 6000mAh battery
  • OTG application ensures reading and writing
  • Have several connection cables with magnetic properties

Please take into account the use of 9V2A to power up your durable and hard-wearing CONQUEST S8 mobile phone if you plan to keep the charging speed of your waterproof phone. Following:

1. Keep your CONQUEST S8 durable smartphone full, the notches made throughout remain stylish
2. When powering up the charger and the device must be positioned at the same level.
10 seconds after charging, the normal frequency of power on is displayed

Infrared remote control

Other equipment operating with an infrared remote control can be hitched to it: air conditioners, fans, televisions, and other devices. It also guarantees access to the WIFI port and the control of an intelligent system to watch over your home even in the event of absence.

Has a camera that clearly records excellent quality images at night. Indeed, it has a Starlight infrared night vision function which allows it to achieve this feat.

It ensures good digital image quality at night thanks to its external infrared / starlight night vision. Also you can have on the device a custom cable or a Bluetooth handheld microphone, a thermal camera, an industrial endoscope, a button, and even other suitable external devices

Function: infrared night vision
Offers a 2 million pixel high definition camera.
Frame rate: 1080P, 30FPS

* This gadget is not included in the purchase of the device. Its purchase is independent

CONQUEST S8 Intercom Handset Edition

The intercom accessory consists of a wired hand-held microphone and a vehicle mounting bracket. the end of load input is universal. Also it has independent power source and has several other functions like volume button switch, sound amplifier, PPT intercom buttons etc.

Intelligent dual intercom system

Take advantage of are intelligent dual intercom system, 2W segment full screen hardware radio intercom U + software network intercom PoC global pass customize. the intercom covers a maximum of 5 kilometers in a linear distance. It includes the hard-wearing CONQUEST S8 mobile phone and regular walkie-talkies, intercom calls and toll-free text messaging.


Offers a U-segment intercom with a power of 2 watts

5 km

Accessible up to 5 km

400 to 470 MHz

You have the option to control intercom frequency using U segment

  • Has a pair of removable and easy to transport antennas.
  • A toll-free communication assistance service for interacting with ordinary walkie-talkies
  • With its SMS support receive and send SMS free of charge

Make your life easier by moving with unusual gadgets for the S8 intercom hand-held microphone kit version
You have kits that suit your needs appropriately. These are the car holder, the exclusive accessories for the intercom version, and the hand-held microphone.

* This gadget is not included in the purchase of the device. Its purchase is independent

It has a law enforcement recorder having high definition night vision.

Superb technology showcased by the S8 with impressive image shots thanks to its Starlight infrared night vision. You have 2 million camera beats, an external P81 law enforcement recorder, night vision infrared laser positioning light, one button camera, PPT intercom button. Also, it offers an external tweeter, a separate power supply, and hands-free communication. Make your life easier with the S8

Applicable to:

A device that easily adapts to the type of user. It offers public security law enforcement, fire law enforcement, traffic police law enforcement, city management law enforcement, urban management law enforcement, road law, industrial and commercial law enforcement etc.

Applies to:

Capable of ensuring the safety of people and goods, it can be used in video surveillance, for emergency rescue, for remote surveillance, for hidden forensics. Also, it can be used as an anti-terrorism or for obtaining real images and even in criminal technology.

Module RFID en option

It has a low frequency (LF) 125 KHz, a high frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz, an ultra high frequency (ULF) 433 MHz, an ultra high frequency 915 MHz, a microwave 2.45 GHz, 5, 8 GHz

A possibility of having optional identification by identity card

It has NFC technology to exchange files securely. It also has cardNetwork certification which can be operated by tough and wear-resistant mobile phone police departments.

* The standard version of this function is not available. To have it you necessarily need the personalized version.

DIY custom border

You receive upon purchase a black plastic frame in the shape of a diamond. However, it can be replaced at your convenience.

Black plastic border

Frame weight: 2.5g
Body weight: 3149

Silver plastic border

Frame weight: 12g
Body weight: 323.5 g

By using the Torx T5 screwdriver, disassembled and assembled the DIY frame does not affect the waterproof aspect of the device.

Three tough defense,

the external display has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any type of damage to the screen and is taken care of by the brand's flagship store.

The screen has good impact and scratch resistance as it is protected by the corning glass (gorilla glasses)

To ensure the protection of the screen the brand to opt for the American Corning Gorilla 5th generation explosion-proof glass protection plate. The device thus guarantees maximum protection of one of the fragile surfaces while retaining the characteristics linked to the display.

Has a large storage space of 6 GB
A huge backup memory of 128GB at your disposal

The S8 shows excellent performance when it comes to running speed and impressive fluidity in running applications thanks to its 16nm processor with 6GB of memory. its internal storage is 128GB. For your satisfaction, the device also has support via the SD card with a capacity of 256 GB.

The frequency of its octa-core processor is 2.6GHz (16nm low power process)
The device's internal storage memory is 128 GB and its Ram memory is 6 GB
Android 7.1.1 native system
It automatically provides an update without an OTA connection

0.3s fingerprint unlock

The CONQUEST S8 offers a fingerprint unlocking system. Thus, this rugged smartphone takes a fraction of a second to unlock when the fingerprint identification area is pressed.
But also the image capture is associated with a button, as well as other useful functions too.

* We draw your attention to the fact that 5 borrows can be recorded at the same time on the device. It should also be noted that multiple registration of the same borrows increases the unlocking speed as well as the recognition rate.

5.0 FHD

Use your device during the day without fear of the sun thanks to its 5.0 inch 1080P high resolution IPS LCD display
Whatever is used, its sharpness, its brilliance as well as its clarity is always present.

Multifunction external interface

The S8 is accessible for magnetic charging, infrared camera, handheld microphone, etc. you can consult the platform designed specifically to present the varieties of the device according to its specifics in order to choose what is right for you.
Place magnetic locks to guarantee the stability of the equipment for an indefinite period

1.5 meter waterproof (30 minutes)
Has a body safety device that protects your CONQUEST S8 durable phone even if dropped from 1.5 meters from a height.
1.5 tons of anti-pressure (flat)

it offers a hard level of IP68 defense three

SGS working temperature is -30 ° C and -60 ° C

Conquered S8 offers waterproof, rugged drop-proof devices with good IP68 anti-pressure capability. the device has its characteristics in that it has been designed with better quality materials in compliance with strict standards. It is certified by SGS Lab of Switzerland.

* This robust device with IP68 quality waterproofing can withstand a water depth of 1.5 meters. It was tested for a period of 30 minutes. Its anti-drop quality to IP68 level has also been tested. guide will allow you to learn more about the product.

its working temperature is 30 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Three defense certificates
Designed in the largest American companies, the S8 carries the American military standard protection certificate MIL-STD-810G

F1.6 Grand opening

Its high definition camera has front AF 8 million and rear PDAF 16 million

It allows you to capture exceptional moments even while diving with an artificial sapphire camera lens. It has a button specifically dedicated to the camera. The large aperture of its diaphragm at F1.6 is exceptional. So it effortlessly takes panoramic shots, filters, HDR, second photo, continuous shooting and other specific features.


Data sheet

MTK6755 Octa Core up to 2.0GHz
Nombre appareil photo
2 x Micro SIM card slots, 1 x Micro USB, 1 x 3.5mm Earphone port
Bouygues 3G, SFR 3G, Orange 3G, Free 3G, Bouygues 4G, SFR 4G, Orange 4G, Free 4G
Nombre de Sim
Dual SIM
Appareil photo (devant)
Type de SIM
Micro SIM Card
Système exploitation
Android 6.0
Appareil photo (derrière)
Torche lampe
Mémoire externe
TF card up to 32GB (not included)
Enregistrement vidéo
Taille écran
5.0 inch
Type d'écran
IPS, Capacitive
Charge rapide
1920 x 1080 pixels
G-sensor, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Temperature sensor, compass, Fingerprint sensor, IR Sensor, Pressure sensor, Height Sensor
NFC, IR, SOS, OTG, FM, Walkie talkie
Empreinte digitale
3 ans
en France