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✅ Best tough puncture-proof smartphone
✅ The compact mobile for athletes
✅ List of technical characteristics
✅ A compact and minimalist mobile for athletes
✅ Waterproof to adapt to all sports practices
✅ To listen to music without cluttering
✅ Compatible bluetooth
✅ An armband for more comfort
✅ More music with a Micro-SD card
✅ Features
✅ Advanced functions
✅ Basic functions
✅ 3 year warranty (optional)
✅ After-sales service in France
Rupture de stock

The best puncture-proof and sturdy compact smartphone for athletes
Téléphone compatible avec la technologie Bluetooth

A compact and minimalist waterproof smartphone for athletes

The design of the MTT Sport is intended to be as close as possible to the needs of athletes. A reliable, waterproof, puncture-proof, particularly compact and light phone that allows you to be reached at all times without ever being bothered by the presence of your best strong smartphone on you.

Minimalist, efficient and can be combined with accessories that make it even more comfortable to wear, the MTT Sport is a practical waterproof phone equipped with all the multimedia functions allowing, among other things, to listen to music.

Waterproof to adapt to all sports practices

The MTT Sport is certified by the IP 67 standard, which guarantees perfect sealing against liquids and dust. Thus, it can be used both as the best puncture-proof and beefy smartphone as well as as an MP3 player during sessions of extreme sports, messy or, more generally of outdoor sports, without risking damage to it.

To listen to music without being cluttered

Many athletes want to be able to listen to music while practicing their favorite activity. In order to reduce as much as possible the devices that athletes have to wear during exercises, the MTT Sport is equipped with a powerful multimedia player that can play MP3 and MP4 files, and allows access to the FM radio. With the MTT Sport, there is no need to carry your MP3 player and waterproof smartphone with you: only the latter is enough!

Compatible bluetooth

The MTT Sport is compatible with bluetooth technology. Thanks to this feature, data transfers between compatible devices are very quick and easy.

An armband for more comfort

Running with objects in your pocket is uncomfortable. In order to eliminate this inconvenience and allow athletes to keep their puncture-proof phone on them without cluttering their clothing pockets, the MTT Sport is delivered with a special armband. It also allows you to have your best waterproof smartphone close to the face, eliminating the inconvenience associated with the movements of the earphone cable, for those who wish to listen to music while running.

More music with a Micro-SD card

The MTT Sport has a standard Micro-SD slot which considerably increases the storage capacity of the device.

Thus, music lovers can take even more titles with them: the MTT Sport becomes a real MP3 player with high storage capacity.

Listing of technical characteristics



  • Dimensions: 90,2x49,2x14,5 mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Screen: CSTN 1.3 ”
  • Ringtones: 64 rings
  • Standby time: 600h
  • Communication autonomy: 2h
  • With 900/1 800 MHz band
  • Drums: 600 mAh
  • Contact storage: 500
  • Memory: Micro SD up to 32 GB

Advanced functions

  • Standards: IP 67 Waterproof
  • MP3, MP4
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio FM

Basic functions

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Clock
  • User manual in Multi languages
  • Games
  • Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Unit converter
  • Calculator
  • Micro USB mains charger
  • User manual: French, Spanish, English, Italian
  • Portuguese, Polish, Dutch
  • Pedestrian kit
  • Colors: orange

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