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MTT Extrem

✅ Best waterproof puncture-proof mobile
✅ The most hi-tech all-terrain mobile on the market
✅ Resistant to any test
✅ Fully waterproof
✅ Two lines simultaneously
✅ Very High Capacity Battery
✅ Integrated GPS
✅ Camera / Camera 2 Mega Pixels
✅ Bluetooth
✅ Touch screen
✅ Build your own Energy
✅ Water Resistant Transport Bag
✅ 3 year warranty (optional)
✅ After-sales service in France
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The best, most hi-tech, puncture-proof and waterproof mobile on the market
Téléphone compatible avec la technologie Bluetooth

Resistant to any test

The MTT Extrêm combines its exceptional resistance qualities in the most aggressive environments with the new and exceptional features that equip this waterproof All Terrain smartphone.

Designed to withstand drops up to 2 meters, violent shocks and the most extreme conditions of use, it is essential and essential work tool for difficult and perilous jobs and particularly exposed to multiple external aggressions. or bad weather.

The MTT Extrêm thus brings its great strength, reliability and all its added value to professionals in the trades, construction, public works, industry or the agricultural world, working in the most extreme conditions under all conditions. latitudes, winter and summer, day and night.

Fully waterproof

The MTT Extrêm displays the waterproof standard IP67 (Protection index 6: dust tightness / Protection index 7: temporary immersion up to 30 minutes and up to 2 meters deep).

Guaranteed completely waterproof, the MTT Extrêm works well protected from steam jets, heavy rains, drops in all non-chemical and non-corrosive liquid media. It is particularly suitable for outdoor working conditions. It appeals to all those who carry out an activity strongly linked to weather conditions on land and at sea.

The puncture-proof MTT Extrêm phone proves its reliability even in the shower

Two lines simultaneously

Best waterproof Dual SIM mobile, the MTT Extrêm allows you to make and receive calls in parallel on two separate lines. This function of the resistant mobile MTT Extrêm allows simultaneous discussions with your various correspondents.

The most efficient and practical use when you are away from your desk or any other assistance.

An additional asset of the MTT Extrêm for any professional working in the field. This ease of communication promotes time savings and ensures immediate responsiveness.

Very High Capacity Battery

A 3.7V / 1800mAh Li-ion battery is fitted to the MTT Extrêm (Standard Pack).

This technical bias confirms the professional and all-terrain vocation of the best puncture-proof and waterproof MTT Extrêm mobile, which stands out as a very reliable working tool throughout your days, whatever your schedule or your daily organization even away from any source of energy.

  • Standby time: 15 days
  • Talk time: 7 hours

Integrated gps

The MTT Extrem incorporates an easy-to-use GPS antenna.

This possibility of geo-localization and permanent latitude-longitude navigation is useful for complex professional missions, far away or in unknown lands.

This function also positions the MTT Extrêm all-terrain mobile on a relevant commercial offer intended for the world of travel, exploration and adventure.

The maps available for the MTT Extrêm GPS cover the following countries: England, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belarus, Switzerland and Belgium.


Through this Walkie-Talkie function (frequency 400Mhz), the MTT Extrêm maintains contact in the event of no connection to the network for free and has a range of up to 2 kilometers in a free field!

It thus facilitates the collaborative work of teams in the field, for example during major projects.

External noise eliminator

In noisy environments, the good level of listening to communications is maintained thanks to an external noise eliminator.

It filters noise pollution and allows the MTT Extrêm to remain highly operational in all industrial environments, on construction sites and during severe weather.

Camera / Camera 2 Mega Pixels

Indispensable today to any professional, the high definition technology of the MTT Extrêm allows photographic shots and videos of excellent quality (2 Mega Pixels).


At the heart of the action and on all types of construction site, at the controls of construction equipment, agricultural machinery and in all weathers, the Bluetooth application facilitates the activity of men and completely frees their movements.

The possibility of wireless communication thanks to the waterproof BTT headset (optional), completes the multiple advantages of the MTT Extrêm.


Being effective and efficient in your profession also means being able to instantly send text messages but also quality photos and images to your partners or your teams wherever they are. A possibility offered by the MTT Extrêm via GPRS without additional subscription.

Powerful Torch

A flashlight (concentrated LED) equips the MTT Extrêm for foolproof emergency lighting and in the most unfavorable conditions: power failure, bad weather conditions, confined spaces ...

Music, Videos, FM Radio

The multimedia equipment of the MTT Extrêm is a reflection of the high technology on board this indestructible smartphone. FM radio, Mp3 player, Mp4, Mp5 offer high definition sound and images and complement the functionality of this best resistant All Terrain mobile.

Calendar and Agenda

Always useful for memorizing everything and correctly managing your time on all occasions, the basic “calendar” and “agenda” functions are found in the MTT Extrêm menu and complete its role as the perfect assistant to professionals in the field.


To be able to record ideas, remarks, suggestions in real time, dictate letters, make reports of worksites or interventions instantly and without outside help ...

The dictaphone integrated into the MTT Extrêm proves a formidable utility in the service of the operation, the production and the administrative requirements of each professional mission.

World clock

Always on time!

With its "world clocks" application, the MTT Extrêm allows you to communicate at the precise time of each time zone wherever you are on the planet.

It adjusts for you with the greatest precision the time differences to be in phase 24 hours a day with the whole world.

Touch screen

The MTT Extrêm touch screen allows direct access to the menus and the desired applications without using / or in combination with the Navigator keys.

It facilitates the use of the MTT Extrêm in all circumstances.


Find your favorite games.

Tetris, Gamebox, Speedy Plane, Supper Tank: it's possible with the MTT Extrêm even on a mission to the end of the world.

Build your own Energy

Delivered and equipped with its own dynamo charger (Standard Pack), the MTT Êxtrem is operational without any other source of energy.

It offers 450 hours of standby time and 7 hours of talk time. This operation, independent of any electrical network, gives MTT Êxtrem users great freedom of action and movement in all areas and guarantees them standby or communication autonomy in all circumstances.

Sacoche de transport

Water Resistant Transport Bag

Delivered and equipped as a standard pack, this bag will allow you to take your waterproof All Terrain mobile and its accessories in complete protection.

Water-proof All Terrain Bluetooth Headset (BTT) [optional]

  • Water-proof IP55
  • Dimensions : 47,3x23x12,8mm
  • Weight: 14.9g
  • Autonomy: 90h in standby / 5h in communication
  • Charging time: 2h


Listing of technical characteristics


Basic features

  • Dimensions: 126x60x20,5mm
  • Weight: 185g
  • Screen: 2.0 '' TFT 262K colors 240x320 pixels
  • Standby time: 15 days
  • Communication autonomy:> 7h
  • Frequency: Quad-bands 800/900/1800/1900
  • Drums: 1800mAh 3.7V
  • Sound technology: MP3 / MP4 / MP5
  • Bluetooth : 2.0
  • Integrated ringtones: Polyphonic
  • Technology: Micro SD up to 8 GB
  • Contact storage: 1000

Advanced functions

  • Waterproof : IP67 (Totally waterproof)
  • Double Line
  • GPS : England, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland
  • Talkie Walkie : 400M-480Mhz
  • Photo Camera / Digital Camera: 2 Mega Pixels
  • Flashlight: Concentrated LED


  • Radio FM
  • Media Player Mp3 Mp4 Mp5
  • Games

Basic functions

  • Profiles: Standard, Conference, Outdoor, Silence
  • Tools: World clock, Calendar, Calculator, Dictionary, Alarm clock, Memo, Timer
  • Languages available: French English.
  • Accessories: Charger, Instructions, USB cable, Pedestrian kit, Dynamo, WaterProof bag
  • Available colors: Yellow
  • Certificates: CE, RoHs, IP67 , SAR (0.59 W/Kg)

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