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✅ Best indestructible indestructible phone
✅ Conquest s9
✅ The main 4G card and the second 3G
✅ 5.5 FHD
✅ Corning Gorilla Glass
✅ AF800 + PDAF 1600
✅ Multifunctional infrared remote control
✅ This device is ideal for outdoor activities.
✅ Alloy protective armor
✅ Three charging methods
✅ Batterie 6000mAh
✅ 3 year warranty (optional)
✅ After-sales service in France
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Best indestructible indestructible phone

The main board is 4G compatible. In addition, the card works properly with unicom 3G

The main board of the device works with unicom 4G 3G 2G waterproof portable telecommunications networks and wear-resistant 4G + VOLTE Netcom 7 mode 25 band phone. The vice card, on the other hand, takes into account the unicom 3G network, the best puncture-proof telephone 2G telecommunications network. However, the main and auxiliary boards can be switched at will. It all depends strictly on the will of the user.

5.5 FHD

The CONQUEST S9 waterproof laptop has a 5.5 inch 1080P IPS LCD display that provides better visibility in the sun. Whatever the use, it offers high and clear contrast, dual domain pixels and precise color rendering, so everything on the screen is just the way you want it.

Corning Gorilla Glass

The glass cover is compatible with Corning Gorilla 4 explosion-proof glass cover plate, which has excellent protection performance.

The best hard-wearing and puncture-proof CONQUEST S9 phone's resistance to scratches and deterioration makes the user experience pleasant.

AF800 + PDAF 1600

HD front camera 800 million PDAF 1600 million PDAF

The Conquest S9 branded device is equipped with an artificial sapphire camera lens. The latter has a camera button to facilitate the use of the photographic function. However, it can take some pretty underwater views.

The CONQUEST S9 waterproof smartphone camera has several features that make it perfect to shoot depending on the context. So there are large aperture F2.O, panoramic shooting, filters, HDR, seconds, continuous shooting, image stabilization, autofocus etc.

Multifunctional infrared remote control

Multiple devices such as air conditioners, fans that have infrared remote control can be controlled by Conquest S9. The device has access to wifi port, remote control function and remote home appliance control function.

Precise dual-mode positioning system

The durable CONQUEST S9 laptop has a GPS + GLONASS CLONASS navigation system and a positioning chip. This chip is industrial grade material. It is independent of the active antenna of the best waterproof phone which is also industrial grade. In addition, the navigation system works in desert and oceanic places without the standard tools thanks to its waypoint system.

This device is ideal for outdoor activities whether sporting or otherwise.

The acquisition of the S9 is accompanied by external functionality such as altitude, compass, gyroscope, atmospheric pressure.

Alloy protective armor

Coated with a double-sided protective diamond alloy armor that is both anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, its body is also protected by alloy CD pattern screws. The CONQUEST S9 puncture-proof smartphone has three charging methods.

Three charging methods

The Conquest S9 is a device that can be charged in a multitude of ways. So it can be charged by magnetic charge, USB data cable and magnetic line.

Batterie 6000mAh

The high-voltage polymer battery has a high capacity with a power of 6000 mAh. It is characterized by both stability and durability.

In the event of a power failure, do not worry. You can charge your device with a car charger.

Colorful color

Polycarbonate + fiberglass, with high strength and high hardness; Soft TPU material, excellent cushioning properties, no degumming, no fading; with alloy armor, to create another wonderful. There are three color combinations available: red, yellow and black.


Data sheet

MTK6757 Octa Core up to 2.35GHz
Nombre appareil photo
1 x Micro USB, 1 x 3.5mm Earphone port
Bouygues 3G, SFR 3G, Orange 3G, Free 3G, Bouygues 4G, SFR 4G, Orange 4G, Free 4G
Nombre de Sim
Dual SIM
Appareil photo (devant)
Type de SIM
Nano SIM Card
Système exploitation
Android 7.1
Appareil photo (derrière)
16.0MP AF
Torche lampe
Mémoire externe
TF card up to 256GB (not included)
Enregistrement vidéo
Taille écran
5.5 inch
Type d'écran
IPS, Capacitive
Charge rapide
9V 2A
1920 x 1080 pixels
Type de verre
Corning Gorilla 4
G-sensor, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Gyroscope, compass, Fingerprint sensor, Infrared Remote Control, Pressure sensor
5 Points
2.4GHz, 5.0GHz
NFC, OTG, FM, Torch, POC, PTT, SOS, IR remote control
Empreinte digitale
3 ans
en France