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The MTT PROTECTION Cream is a waterproof and solid mobile certified by the IP67 standard, shock resistant and equipped with double-line and push to talk systems.

Simple, efficient and durable, it is a mobile phone very suitable for the needs of manual workers.

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The waterproof mobile, dual SIM and Push to Talk

MTT Protection is a waterproof and solid mobile phone which has its particularity. Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) provides PTT services to standard 2.5G / 3G mobile phones. A single handset can be used for all push to talk and conventional telephone calls, so there is no need to design a PMR / RMT handset. Easy to use: just select a person or group from a contact list, press a button and speak. The call is instantly connected and does not require the recipient to answer: the voice is heard through the speaker of the recipient's phone. The recipient can also choose to manually answer each call. The PoC system allows communication between two people or a group communication. Speech groups can be easily created without operator intervention. Advantages for the user: Preserve the bandwidth = save money (transfer of 1 MB of data for 20 minutes). Advantages for the operator: advanced services, competition with other operators, increased revenues. In addition, the user tends to use this service more and more often and increasingly.

The waterproof mobile MTT Protection certified IP67 and provided with shockproof cosmetics, it represents a very practical and very economical solution for those who wish to have a very solid, simple, and reliable mobile, it will withstand daily work and extreme sports practices . Sector concerned: Ambulances, security, hotel services Their needs: keeping and maintaining communications requires robust functionality. To be used in different areas: Combining law and order, the command and dispatch unit in a safe and secure, functional groups, require robust and test-proof functionality water.

Main characteristics of the mobile: Dual SIM, IP67, Solid Shockproof, PTT


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