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Our Valours

Faced with the planned obsolescence of high tech brands in the telephony sector where the terminals offered are still very fragile and where the breakage rate is impressive. We decided to act at our simple level and to offer interested people phones that last over time. Here are the values ​​we share: Freedom, Empathy, Ethics and Usefulness Freedom: Freedom is a fundamental value for us because we want our users to feel free to go everywhere, in all weathers and without constraint. To make this possible, we strive to offer them practical and robust terminals so that they can overcome the elements by being reachable in any circumstance and by offering them services adapted to their use and their needs. Empathy: Customer satisfaction is at the center of our company policy, this requires products that meet their expectations but also with quality services. For this, we are constantly listening to technological and regulatory developments in the market but also to the feedback of our customers in order to be in a constant process of improving our products and services. Ethics: Today, planned obsolescence is part of the daily life of high tech brands and this is even more true in the telephony sector where the terminals offered are still very fragile and where the breakage rate is impressive. The ambition of MOBILE TOUT TERRAIN is to offer and test products designed to withstand the vagaries of everyday life and the risk of breakage generated by outdoor use. This approach is above all driven by the desire to offer products that will have an extended lifespan. The useful: For MOBILE ALL TERRAIN, the main thing is to put the terminals at the service of humans. Designed to make life easier and strengthen the safety of its users, each MOBILE ALL TERRAIN recommended product is equipped with all the essential functions but also with innovative technologies for easy use. If you share our values ​​and our vision, we invite you to come and get in touch, or either buy in our shop or by informing us of the phones you would like to have on MOBILE TOUT TERRAIN. You are welcome in this adventure.