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Lone Worker Monitoring

The L.W.M or lone worker monitoring is an embedded system on some mobiles from the M.T.T range whose function is to facilitate and speed up the arrival of emergency services in case of any concern.

The L.W.M is configured to automatically detect abnormal situations from the person who has the mobile.

The L.W.M is able to detect falls, vertical alignment and immobility. In case of any detected suspicious situations, the mobile phone of the potential victim will call and send text messages on a list of prerecorded emergency phone numbers, and will be put on loudspeaker.

Thanks to these automatic activations, the potential victim will be able to hear and communicate without having to touch the phone, in order to confirm or disprove a suspected accident and, when appropriate, incite the warned people to call one's assistance.


Exclusive solution for tracking and communication

The GeoTalker is an exclusive solution for tracking and communication by VoIP allowing to follow and manage in real time work team from whichever computer, by connecting to an administrative interface.

The GeoTalker allows to know the exact position, anywhere in the world, of any members of one or many working team and to communicate each other with one click.

Wether it's sending photos, written messages or make phone calls, the GeoTalker system allows extreme flexibility for team performance management, work schedule optimization and a better control of logistics business.

Its communications are made by VoIP, they consume a small amount of internet data, and do not run out the rate plan telephone package of the team menbers.



Push To Talk

The Push to Talk, also designated by the acronym P.T.T., is a vocal communication system based on VoIp between two mobiles. Even if the principle data interchange is different, the functionionality can be compared to the one that is looked with a pair of walkie-talkies.

Very light on resource consumption and credit data, this system allows to simplify and accelerates communication between two persons.

The P.T.T is mainly used for coordination and communication between two physically distant persons, aiming for the one same professional mission.


Near Field Communication

The N.F.C is a technology allowing security exchange and no data contact by means of its mobile terminal.

By simply combining the compatible mobile's NFC with a NFC tag, it is possible to simultaneously trigger and control many interactions between the terminal and the environment.

Recovering data, making its presence known, consult data in real time, making purchases, acting as ticket, proving your identity : the possible applications actually under development are infinite.