Portable Battery

6600mAh Portable Battery for mobile charging

Recharge many times your mobile without power source

The Power Bank M.T.T allows to store energy that can recharge many times your mobile, your tablet or any other electrical devices USB comptabile without having to use a power supply.

With 6600mAh, ultra compact, IP68 certified,shockproof and only weighting 240g, it can be discreetly put in a pocket or in a backpack.

Ideal for long-distance hiking trails, trecks or for any other journeys, the Power Bank M.T.T is ideal for the emergency charging system of your smartphone or GPS tablet, always very energy consuming.

It can be recharged via micro-USB port, and with a USB port delivers the current.

Waterproof and dustproof - IP68

The Power Bank M.T.T. is certified by the standard IP68 and is waterproof and dustproof.

It can be plunge in any liquid non-corrosive up to 30cm depth and taken out without any single sign of malfunction.

It does not sensitive to sand, dust and common dirty marks.

Protective shockproof and durable coating

The Power Bank M.T.T. is fully recovered with a durable rubber-like protective coating so that it can fall and endure shock without its functionalities being altered.

Equipped with an emergency LED flashlight

A LED flashligt has been append on the edge of the M.T.T Power Bank in order to make this accessory more versatile. The flashlight includes two adjustements of light intensity, so that it can allow to handle electricity consumption, and to save a maximum of autonomy for recharging of your mobile or tablet 



Intensity: 6600mAh
Waterproof: IP68 (30cm)
Charging time : 7 to 9h
Lifetime : Above 300 charges.
Flashlight: Led
Networking : Micro Input USB, Output USB
Dimensions : 115mm(L) x 88mm(h) x 29.2mm(H)
Weight : 240g

In order to improve product quality, MTT reserves the right to change specifications.

* The mobile phone’s Specific absorption rate (SAR) measures the user’s maximum exposure level to electromagnetic radiation when used at the ear. French regulation states that the SAR must not exceed 2 W/kg.