M.T.T. Aventur

A mobile fit for an adventure

An exclusive mobile for wild use

On outdoors activities,The M.T.T. Aventur is more precise then the M.T.T. Robust +.

While the M.T.T. Aventur brings characteristics of significant ruggedness on difficult professional environment, the Aventur deploy its additional features in wild environment.

This telephone, very solid and waterproof also offers performance, realibility and cutting-edge functionalities to difficult environments  for amateurs in humid, muddy ground or large space.

For muddy and natural environment

The telephone's list of activities that can be indispensable is long.
The most widely used activies are winter sports, motor sports such as four-by-four or motocross,
hunting, hikes or trecks and other orientation and survival courses.In one word : all the earth 
related activities that involves need of direction, resilience and waterproofness.

Certified by the international IP55 standard and the MIL-105E military standard, the M.T.T.
Aventure doesn't go in for half-measures : it is useful in extreme condition. and has been 
unilaterally conceived for a durable use in those type of environment.

Indispensable survival accesories

To go even further then a rugged telephone designed for mud and open space, the M.T.T. Aventur
is delivered with accesories conceived with the same concern of conveniance and reliability.
The very sturdy carrying pouch protects the mobile and its accesories to difficult situations
while also making them available at hand.
The flexible protection allows the mobile to be even more resilient to dirt and shocks.
The M.T.T. Aventur can also work for the most experienced users in the event of long
distance from any energy power.This is why the M.T.T. Aventur is delivered with a dynamo charger
that allows to manually recharge the battery. Thus, the M.T.T. Aventur's users have the guarantee
of using many different functionalities and to make or receive phonecalls at any distance.


A position and apprehension assistant for environments

While the M.T.T. Aventur is first of all a means of communication, the model's functionalities make it a true assistant for environments positioning and apprehension. Easily available thanks to the integrated screen on the back cover of the M.T.T. Aventur, the barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer functionnalities prove to be particurlarly useful in unknow and atmospheric instability environments. 

Flashlight and laser lamp

Lighting up is the primary necessity to locate yourself and evolving in a dark environment. This is why the mobile is equipped with a particularly powerful flashlight LED concentrated and a laser pointer.                                                                                                                     Ideal in addition of a classical flashlight, these functionalities of the M.T.T. Aventur are activated by simply pressing a button located on the right side of the telephone, for maximum accessibility.



Camera and video capture

Because the beauty of landscapes and nature are always in pair with the great excursions and
wilderness hikes, the M.T.T. Aventur is provided with a camera and a performant camcorder
offering an image resolution of 2 Mega pixels. 

A true multimedia centre

The M.T.T. Aventur possess many functionalities aiming to facilitate reading the most common multimedia files.

This group of functions includes a video player, a picture viewer and an mp3 player. This allows file reviews directly acquired with the camera photo and the telephone's camcorder as well as imported files from the usb. the M.T.T. Aventur allows to view and share it's photos, videos and music under any circumstances.

two independant line

In certain situations it is reassuring to not rely on one operating system. The M.T.T. Aventur allows the insertion of two different SIM card.     In a few seconds, it is possible to switch from one line to the other : in case of failure of one of the two operators or to enjoy the best of the two network services, this option allows to maximise your connection's quality and avaibility to a relay installation.


A rugged and modern telephone

The M.T.T. Aventur is a conceived telephone for tough  situation, it is also an up-to-date telephone, endowed with functionalities that anyone expects to find in a modern telephone.

This includes the possibility of saving many type of ringtones, the predictive text, free hand options, alarm, agenda, world clock, games and a FM radio powerful reception.

Connection and Memory

The M.T.T. Aventur is, like any mobile phones of the M.T.T. range, equiped with a universal micro-USB connectivity allowing in as much mobile's recharging then data transfert.                                                                                                                                                               The mobile's memory is assured by a micro-SD card with a capacity that can go up to 8Gb.

BlueTooth and Handsfree kit

The M.T.T. Aventur supports Bluetooth technology, for accessibility and an optimal convenience.                                                                        It is also delivered with a handsfree kit allowing handsfree phone calls.



Basic Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 126,3x58,6x25,3mm
  • Weight: 176g
  • Screen: 2.4'' TFT 262K colors 176x220 pixels
  • Standby time: 450h
  • Talk time: 4,5h
  • Frequency: dual-band 900/1800 MHz
  • Battery: 1300mAh 3.7V
  • Bluetooth: 2.0
  • Sound technology: MP3
  • Embedded ring tunes: Polyphonic
  • Technology: Micro SD up to 8 Gb
  • Storage contacts: 300
  • DAS : 0,38 W/kg *

Advanced functions

  • Water Resistant : IPX5 (withstanwaterspray)
  • Dustproof : IPX5
  • Branch :ISO
  • Camera and Camcorder: 2Mpx
  • Barometer: 200pa
  • Altimetre : 0.3m
  • Compass
  • Compass sensitivity : 2 degrees
  • Thermometre : +/- 1celcius
  • Laser Pointer : Red Laser 0.5mw
  • Flash Light : LED concentrated


  • Radio technology: Outdoor integrated antenna to the hands-free.
  • Games

Basic functions

  • Profils: Standard, Conference, Outdoor, Silence
  • Tools: World time clock, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm clock, Memo, Timer
  • Predictive text: T9
  • Available languages: French, English
  • Accessories: USB AC Charger, Notice, Hands free stereo, autonomous dynamo also independant of an energy source, black flexible protection, carrying case
  • Available colors: Green
  • Certificates: CE (n° G106939W) , RoHs, FTA, CCC, IP55

In order to improve product quality, MTT reserves the right to change specifications.

* The mobile phone’s Specific absorption rate (SAR) measures the user’s maximum exposure level to electromagnetic radiation when used at the ear. French regulation states that the SAR must not exceed 2 W/kg.