Dual SIM Mobile phones

Dual SIM mobile phones, as their name would indicate, feature two SIM cards holders in order to set up two different SIM cards.

The phone lines associated with those two SIM cards can be activated to work simultaneously according to the user’s needs.

What are the advantages of a Dual SIM mobile phone?

What can I use it for ?

To switch from your personal phone number to your professional phone number without using two mobile phones and without changing your SIM cards.

Two SIM cards correspond to two different phone numbers. Therefore, a Dual SIM mobile phone will allow you to use two numbers simultaneously, to cross one of those lines when required and to disassociate the data of the different SIM cards.

With the Dual SIM function, you will be able to benefit from two phone plan subscriptions and cope with mobile phone operator’s rates.

According to your communication needs, having two cheap phone plan subscriptions may be cheaper than having a most expensive single phone plan.

To access to two different networks at the same time.

Mobile phone network providers not always cover the network in the same way or with the same efficiency.
Using a Dual SIM mobile phone, with the condition of subscribing the lines to two different networks providers, will allow you to benefit from a better network coverage.

Using international phone plans with a single mobile phone

Cross-border workers or people who work outside their country of residence have often to subscribe to two different phone plans in order to get a better deal in their phone communication.
With a Dual SIM mobile phone, you can use those two phone plans simultaneously with a single mobile phone and without having to constantly switch the SIM cards.